Weddings set my soul on fire. Seeing the love of two people and having the honor of capturing that love for them on one of the most important days of their life... I will never take it for granted. My heart is to learn your story and then connect that story to a photograph for you to have and to hold forever like your marriage (; .

My bright + warm style portrays the gorgeous, joyous feelings you get as soon as you set foot on our serene beaches. You will receive an abundance of stunning memories from the day. In addition, I can provide creative advice to you as you go through the wedding planning process so you feel comfortable and confident that your wedding day will be how you want it to be. I can advise on things such as what time of day to have your wedding for those gorgeous golden photos, suggest other wonderful local vendors to you, and will help structure where and when we will take photos so you will have plenty of time to enjoy your guests.

I will attend your ceremony rehearsal so that I can be prepared for the timeline and how things will run. While this is not generally a photo opportunity, it is mainly for the purpose of planning how I will provide my best services to you on the day of. It also gives me the chance to meet both families and the wedding party, as well as give advice if needed. Ultimately I want you and everyone involved to be comfortable asking anything come the day of the wedding.